Monday, December 1, 2008

New Neil Gaiman

"I said
she's gone
but I'm alive, I'm alive
I'm coming in the graveyard
to sing you to sleep now"

- Tori Amos, "Graveyard"

Just got the new Neil Gaiman book, The Graveyard Book. Picked it up from National Bookstore Robinson's Galleria for Php315. They only had one copy left. My take is that it has been out locally for quite some time now. Powerbooks Shangri-la Mall did not have any more copies, so is the NB there. Man, I am really out of the loop. I did not even know Neil came out with a new book.

I also just found out that Coraline is already a movie. I saw a "Movie Collector's Edition" of the book. Now, that is a film I am looking forward to seeing. If you loved MirrorMask, I am certain Coraline is going to be better. The director is the same guy who directed The Nightmare Before Christmas, Henry Selick.


kokola and the sewing machine said...

i love neil gaiman lots

iandexter said...

They're on order-basis now from NBS, PB and FB? :(