Friday, December 5, 2008

Do Not Think Outside The Bun

I hardly slept. Only had a couple hours of rest before I went to the airport to fetch my parents. It was raining when I got out of the house. The cab driver did not mind the slippery road and just went ahead zigzagging his way along Edsa. I got to the airport a quarter past six. The boards showed that their plane has already landed. I though we would be out of there in about thirty minutes. Instead it took almost two hours. (Only in the Philippines?)

My dad brought home the stuff that I bought off the Internet. Whenever I buy something online I have them shipped to my sister's place. This is how I can save on shipping cost. The drawback is that I only get my items whenever they go "balikbayan". That is once every year if I am lucky. Otherwise, it takes two, even three, years before I get my hands on my online purchases.

No sneakers this time. It has been ages since I actually bought a pair. I got a couple of DVDs, a couple of audio CDs (yes, I am the one crazy guy who still buys legit CDs), some toys, and a shirt. So, the DVDs i purchased last September are finally here. I cannot wait to watch them. I might be the only women's basketball fan this side of the planet. And I am no ordinary fan. I am a big fan. I like women's basketball- WNCAA, WNBA, and the international game - more than the NBA. Forget Lebron and Kobe. It is all about Diana Taurasi!

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