Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LEGO, take my money.

So, Ninjago is coming back. Good. I do not care much about Chima. Cannot wait for 2014. I can see all the mech sets about to come.

Pigs Can Fly: A guesthouse story.

It was our first time staying in a guesthouse. By the time the wifey got to checking out the hotels, they were all booked, and so, we ended up with Pig Fly. 

The room was exactly what the pictures showed. It was clean and looked new. Much like a boutique hotel. Elegantly cute. There was a TV, an audio player, a tuck-away mini kitchen, a fridge, and most importantly- wifi.

Chan and his friend (the guys running the place) were nice and friendly. They waited for us 'til after midnight when our flight got delayed. Little P. got a nice little gift from them- it is a pig, of course.

We had no problem getting where we wanted to go in South Korea. Pig Fly is seconds away from the Hongik University (popularly known as Hongdae) subway station, and from there you can got to pretty much any place that is worth checking out.

Excuse me, Hong Kong, South Korea is here.

I had a great time in South Korea that composing a proper blog entry is turning out to be really difficult. Words are just flying by, but they won't behave, won't group themselves into sentences. So....

South Korea. Fun. Family. Love. Food. Trick Eye. Hello Kitty. N Tower. Temple. Lotte World. Toys. Toy Street. LEGO. Sylvanians. Trains. Busses. Airplanes. Food. Food. Food. Pig Fly.