Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still Ticking

That there is my trusted iPod Shuffle (which I would never exchange for any other iPod nor iPhone). Tossed around, sat on, thrown against walls. Drilled too. Still works. Though after the electric drilling, only on "mono". Thanks to the Dynex USB earphones, it is better than new, producing deep and full stereo sound. Goodbye crappy iPod earphones!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Storm Princess

The Internet is slow, both the connection and the action. New music has filled my days again, Emm's CD came in a couple of days ago. Pure, poetic, hot, hard, stinging, and deeply personal. Edgy. Sharp, razor sharp. It has not left the player since. Canada is lucky, the Philippines could only hope.

Little Popot has been raiding my paper stock. She starts off creating simple works of art. Beautiful, bright, sunny. Fit for walls. She gets bored quickly and turns everything into wild collages, of media and approaches. What comes up are irregularly folded, colored, filled with doodles and random words, almost crumpled pieces. Totally chaotic, almost trashed. Angry? Soon she gets tired of it and moves on. To toys, dolls, anything. Anything to be messed up. It is amazing, and a wonder.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Puff Fiction

Like always, I have been bumming around the house, getting fatter by the minute, still waiting for "my box" to arrive. I finished my sixth cream puff, another product of my wife's ninja baking skills, and was humming Sydney Forrest's Once In A Blue Moon, missing the wife who is going to be away again starting tomorrow night. The baked goodies are so good they almost drove me to tears.

I did ask the wifey to come up with 600 pieces for when she is away. All I got was a laugh.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beautiful People

Just finished watching "Beautfiul People", a film written and directed by Bosnian Jasmin Dizdar. It was light and heavy at the same time. (Yes, that is possible.) The harsh reality of life is indeed comical sometimes. If your head is not screwed on correctly all you would do is laugh. The 1999 movie about a bunch of people in Britain that were being affected by the war in the Balkans and the influx of Bosnians, Croats and Serbs reminded me of "my team" from the late 80s and early 90s.

Most know that I am more of an international ball fan than an NBA fan. (I do not even follow the NBA anymore). I like players and teams that give more weight on thinking and execution rather than on athleticism. My team would have given The Dream Team better competition, and could have beaten them. "Could" because the only Dream Team had players with high basketball IQ as well - Bird, Magic, Stockton, Jordan, Robinson. But this entry is not about basketball, it is about life, and here is something related, an exceptional article written in 1996 - Prisoners Of War.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is it Christmas yet?

All I can do now is look. This is one battle that I might have some trouble winning, although I have already passed up on a couple of really nice pairs - a Nike Air Challenge LWP and a Nike Air Bound. I promised my wife I will "retire" from buying sneakers after I got another pair last month. It is a good thing nothing to my liking has come out recently. Bad thing is that there are always vintage stuff floating around. I guess my wife will be happy for the next eight months, then, it is Christmas, and there is no better time to "unretire". But, of course, everything depends on whether or not there is anything out there that is worthy of being copped. Someone should be praying that that something does not come up early. LOL.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Launch

I was into the NBA even before the Jordan era. Like most here in Asia, I followed players and not teams. We got the games via the UHF channel feed from the old Clark Air Base. I tried, and failed, to copy Bird and Magic, and ended up being a fat kid with a respectable 3-point shot, an awkward running baby hook, and funny-looking blind passes. I also wanted to copy Barkley but I cannot, for the life of me, get even just one inch off the ground. So, it was the trash talking that I picked up. Then came this skinny kid from Wilmington. He took flight and left the whole world gawking. No Internet then, so I turned to magazines. I had a bunch of them, all having Mike on the cover. So, every month, in Dau, while my much older brothers were secretly buying "Club" and "High Society" from PX stores, I would be browsing for Jordan magazines.

While waiting for a beer call I went digging through some of the boxes in one of our storage rooms. I knew I still had some of those Jordan magazines. Some, because majority, the better ones, have been given away to a friend who rode the Bulls-Jordan Bandwagon when they were already kicking everybody else's butts. (Yes Chris, that's you!!)

I found some.

A skinny kid in some Italian made shoes.

The same kid being helped up by a "fat" guy in shoes that kiddies today think was inpired by AJIVs. SMH.

The fat guy taking flight.

You can click the images for slightly bigger versions.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Husky Heaven

Here in the province now, waiting for people to come invite me to drink some beer and just toss stories around. Nothing is happening so far.

Been following the women's NCAA on the net. It is a great week for UConn (for the women's side at least). My Lady Huskies look set to go undefeated again. Plus, Dee and Sue led Spartak MR to a record 3rd straight Euroleague title this morning, with Taurasi being named best player of the tournament. If we were in Manila I would be decked out in UConn gear jumping around like a madman now.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Slimer Also Glows

Just got back from Embassy Cuisine for the Air Yeezy launch. It did not do anything to change my view of the shoes. I have been to funerals that were livelier.

Bunker presents

the Air Yucky..ah, I mean the Air Yeezy.

Hey, it looks good all covered up.

There it is.
Air Yucky

I wore this to match the Yucky's sole.

Yes, it glows in the dark too.
Slimer band

They had buildings outside glowing too. That's how you throw a party. LOL!

Honestly, if I was in grade 2 I would be camping out for it too. I woud be rocking it with my Ghostbusters  Slimer shirt. Latest, line is already 10 people deep as of 12 noon, and they will start selling at 7pm. God, forgive them.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

When Kids Attack

Wow, I am getting mad traffic in here for the last couple of days. Must be the ugly shoes. I am surprised I have not gotten any hate comments yet. Anyway, I might be at the launch to show support to Nike PI and to Bunker. They have brought in some good stuff lately (although none for my outdated taste) and hopefully they bring in more to keep the local scene lively. And yes, I still do not like the shoes.

The Nike Air Yeezy is for release on the 4th. This picture was taken April 2 in Toronto. If you are not laughing, I am. HARD.