Friday, April 3, 2009

Slimer Also Glows

Just got back from Embassy Cuisine for the Air Yeezy launch. It did not do anything to change my view of the shoes. I have been to funerals that were livelier.

Bunker presents

the Air Yucky..ah, I mean the Air Yeezy.

Hey, it looks good all covered up.

There it is.
Air Yucky

I wore this to match the Yucky's sole.

Yes, it glows in the dark too.
Slimer band

They had buildings outside glowing too. That's how you throw a party. LOL!

Honestly, if I was in grade 2 I would be camping out for it too. I woud be rocking it with my Ghostbusters  Slimer shirt. Latest, line is already 10 people deep as of 12 noon, and they will start selling at 7pm. God, forgive them.

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kingcrux31 said...

You're nuts. Ha ha. Thanks for rolling through. Good to see you and the guys again.