Monday, April 27, 2009

Storm Princess

The Internet is slow, both the connection and the action. New music has filled my days again, Emm's CD came in a couple of days ago. Pure, poetic, hot, hard, stinging, and deeply personal. Edgy. Sharp, razor sharp. It has not left the player since. Canada is lucky, the Philippines could only hope.

Little Popot has been raiding my paper stock. She starts off creating simple works of art. Beautiful, bright, sunny. Fit for walls. She gets bored quickly and turns everything into wild collages, of media and approaches. What comes up are irregularly folded, colored, filled with doodles and random words, almost crumpled pieces. Totally chaotic, almost trashed. Angry? Soon she gets tired of it and moves on. To toys, dolls, anything. Anything to be messed up. It is amazing, and a wonder.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should write more about music that you are into. :-D

And your daughters artwork is really cute.

Take care!