Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Kids Are Not Alright

I really worry about the children today. No, really. They are not well. Must be the air, it is too polluted. Maybe the food as well, too many chemicals in them. TV? That is another thing. So much garbage being peddled around as TV programs. You can blame the parents too. But, we all know children do not listen to their folks so you can take that out. I might be in the know when it comes to how kids today behave and think, I have been working with them for almost 13 years now.

Nike Air Yeezy.
(One of the ugliest, yet most sought after, shoes ever to come out.)
Nike Air Yeezy

In the dark.. glows

Yes, I know. I am way too old now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Between The Lines

In a couple of weeks I would be off from work and might have some free time for book reading. I actually picked up The Graveyard Book not because I meant to read it right away but because I know how Gaiman's novels flies off the shelves down here and I did not want to go hunting for it when I finally have the "chance" to read. 

I have another book on my wait list, Jewel's Chasing Down The Dawn. That one I picked up from a used books shop. I have browsed a few pages, mostly the ones with pictures in it, and I think I got a steal. Jewel came out with a great collection of her poems in A Night Without Armor a couple of years before Chasing was released. Am taking that one out of the vault as well, along with all of her early CDs. (Yes, I am that one grunge guy who listens to Jewel!) I kind of lost track of the snaggletoothed artist some time back and just found out now that she had an album that came out 2008. Will be checking out some clips to see if it stills appeals to my "aged" taste. I think I will though. Ms. Kilcher has  jumped from one genre to another without problems and she has managed to keep me in for the ride.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poison Mushrooms

My plan for the next couple of months has taken a hit. A big, crippling hit. That means I will be spending my free time on the bed, getting fatter by the minute. Little Popot and I would not be hacking at the TV and playing masters to virtual puppets like I envisioned. To say that I am thoroughly disappointed is an understatement. Two months of planning down the drain. I am crushed. :(

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Nike Air Flight '89

Nike Air Flight '89

Nike Air Flight '89

Nike Air Flight '89

It is over for this pair. They have taken their last steps. Their master, they have served well. It is time for them to take a rest in the great sneaker heaven. A rest well deserved.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gender Bender

Celebrating the amazing feats in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Nike has created a series of limited edition shoes inspired by the achievement of their female athletes. The campaign is for a line of trainers called Sister One +. Pledge to train like one of the Nike Olympians and you could win their shoes.

Jessica Mendoza (Softball) 
Hope Solo (Soccer) 
Sanya Richardson (Track) 
Diana Taurasi (Basketball)
The one-of-a-kind shoes each feature a piece of fabric from the athlete's  Olympic uniform stitched onto the tongue. 

Girls (13 and above) can go to and enter to win their own pair of these inspirational shoes by pledging to train as hard as the featured Olympians. 

Judges will review the pledges and the most inspirational will win the beautiful shoes and have them presented in person by the athlete. The contest ends March 31, 2009.

Times like this I wish I am a girl. LOL. No, not in that way. See, I might be the biggest (and heaviest) fan of Diana on this side of the planet, and having a memorabilia like those kicks would be such an achievement. Some thing like those will be the only thing that will go against my sneakers motto of "Sapatos yan, hindi trophy" (Those are shoes, not trophies). Those would go really nice with my Taurasi jerseys and autograph card, placed in a clear glass shelf. So, anybody out there want to make a pledge on my behalf? Win a pair for me and I will send a box of pure love your way!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reading Is Fundamental

They have taken over the forum. Dweebs. Turning what used to be a very informative (and fun) place into their own chat room. Now, one has to wade through all the "How are you, pare", "Wow, it's so soft", "Go get one now, buddy", and "Wow, I remember you. Idol mo din si Kobe, the best!" just to find posts about the thread topics. I guess nobody gives a damn about the ROC anymore. Or worse, they do not understand the darn thing. It seems moderators have given up dishing out reminders too. So, lurker mode, here I come.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time And Motion Sickness

The clock ticks. In truth it hardly produces a sound, but I can hear it, no end. Every beat is a signal, a hint, of some change I would rather not have. If this is midlife crisis then I am dying several years before I am 80.

Converted a few old songs to MP3, so that I can constantly listen to them. My portable CD player conked out while in hibernation. It seemed like it was a good idea too to unearth old emails from long gone friends, made me feel a little younger.It made me feel "before". I still have the toys, but it feels like I need something a little less cuter this time, something with more kick. They say people drink to forget. I drink to remember. And, I have been wanting to remember more frequently these days.

Most people want changes in their lives. I am the opposite. I would rather have the familiar. I am loyal that way, crazy too, I know. Something has definitely changed. I have been trying so hard to get it back. I am failing, hard, painfully hard. Maybe it is time to let go. Some things you just cannot get back.

Drink up! We are traveling to the future. One microsecond at a time. Yesterdays, they do not have anything for me. Word to GN'R.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Slow Burn

A friend came to pick up some stuff. Had him drinking against his will. Just like before, he would not touch the Chinese Greens. And so, we left them alone. Had some pineapples, cheese, and hotdogs to go with the drinks. Ah yeah, some Cornbits too. I was alone after two bottles of San Miguel All-Malt. Until Little Popot decided to join me for the rest of the way.

My little one has picked up my love of the greens. Nuts, not beer. And so, we had some heart-to-heart talk over a pack of pistachios. I found out people these days give their children nicknames like Pakwan and Jersey, or even Tabby, and that there are small people in our bath rooms.


Nah. Was just playing. I do not even think you can get her drunk, even when she starts drinking. She might have gotten  a few (very, very few! hehe) things from Big Popot, but inside, she is ALL me