Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gender Bender

Celebrating the amazing feats in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Nike has created a series of limited edition shoes inspired by the achievement of their female athletes. The campaign is for a line of trainers called Sister One +. Pledge to train like one of the Nike Olympians and you could win their shoes.

Jessica Mendoza (Softball) 
Hope Solo (Soccer) 
Sanya Richardson (Track) 
Diana Taurasi (Basketball)
The one-of-a-kind shoes each feature a piece of fabric from the athlete's  Olympic uniform stitched onto the tongue. 

Girls (13 and above) can go to and enter to win their own pair of these inspirational shoes by pledging to train as hard as the featured Olympians. 

Judges will review the pledges and the most inspirational will win the beautiful shoes and have them presented in person by the athlete. The contest ends March 31, 2009.

Times like this I wish I am a girl. LOL. No, not in that way. See, I might be the biggest (and heaviest) fan of Diana on this side of the planet, and having a memorabilia like those kicks would be such an achievement. Some thing like those will be the only thing that will go against my sneakers motto of "Sapatos yan, hindi trophy" (Those are shoes, not trophies). Those would go really nice with my Taurasi jerseys and autograph card, placed in a clear glass shelf. So, anybody out there want to make a pledge on my behalf? Win a pair for me and I will send a box of pure love your way!!

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