Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Kids Are Not Alright

I really worry about the children today. No, really. They are not well. Must be the air, it is too polluted. Maybe the food as well, too many chemicals in them. TV? That is another thing. So much garbage being peddled around as TV programs. You can blame the parents too. But, we all know children do not listen to their folks so you can take that out. I might be in the know when it comes to how kids today behave and think, I have been working with them for almost 13 years now.

Nike Air Yeezy.
(One of the ugliest, yet most sought after, shoes ever to come out.)
Nike Air Yeezy

In the dark.. glows

Yes, I know. I am way too old now.

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iandexter said...

No, we're not old. Things are just as crappy as ever. :D