Thursday, March 19, 2009

Between The Lines

In a couple of weeks I would be off from work and might have some free time for book reading. I actually picked up The Graveyard Book not because I meant to read it right away but because I know how Gaiman's novels flies off the shelves down here and I did not want to go hunting for it when I finally have the "chance" to read. 

I have another book on my wait list, Jewel's Chasing Down The Dawn. That one I picked up from a used books shop. I have browsed a few pages, mostly the ones with pictures in it, and I think I got a steal. Jewel came out with a great collection of her poems in A Night Without Armor a couple of years before Chasing was released. Am taking that one out of the vault as well, along with all of her early CDs. (Yes, I am that one grunge guy who listens to Jewel!) I kind of lost track of the snaggletoothed artist some time back and just found out now that she had an album that came out 2008. Will be checking out some clips to see if it stills appeals to my "aged" taste. I think I will though. Ms. Kilcher has  jumped from one genre to another without problems and she has managed to keep me in for the ride.


Anonymous said...

I also like Jewel, maybe not as much as you but i think she is okej. But i didn´t know that she has publiced books.

iandexter said...

Well, she's hot, and that's all the reason I need. ;)

killyrbf said...

Hey, get that out of here! This is a family blog!! LOL