Sunday, March 1, 2009

Slow Burn

A friend came to pick up some stuff. Had him drinking against his will. Just like before, he would not touch the Chinese Greens. And so, we left them alone. Had some pineapples, cheese, and hotdogs to go with the drinks. Ah yeah, some Cornbits too. I was alone after two bottles of San Miguel All-Malt. Until Little Popot decided to join me for the rest of the way.

My little one has picked up my love of the greens. Nuts, not beer. And so, we had some heart-to-heart talk over a pack of pistachios. I found out people these days give their children nicknames like Pakwan and Jersey, or even Tabby, and that there are small people in our bath rooms.


Nah. Was just playing. I do not even think you can get her drunk, even when she starts drinking. She might have gotten  a few (very, very few! hehe) things from Big Popot, but inside, she is ALL me

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