Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

I procrastinated again (like I always do) and was not able to transfer Popot's Christmas Presentation clips from the video camera to the 'book. It is 2009 now, a new year. I do not plan on changing. I am beat now, from the non-stop eating. I am just putting up this video greeting to appease Little P's fans (thousands as of last count --- in poundage), then I am off to bed. Pictures will be up later.

Happy New Year to all! No such thing as a belated gift.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sweat, Little Piggy, Sweat!

We got back from the province yesterday. I took the bus. The Popots rode with Wowo and Wowa. They filled the entire car with "goodies", leaving no room for me. I could not go to sleep while in transit, my back and head ached like crazy. To top it off, the MMDA designated new bus stops for provincial buses, forcing me to alight where I did not want to and having me take a good ten minute walk to hail a cab to our place. I had to go up a footbridge too! I see old folks and families with their young ones and plenty of baggage cursing Bayani Fernando while doing this routine. Come on, man, you need the votes!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Nines

A few of weeks ago I broke out a new pair of 89s - dark cinder/cognac/fog. The last one to come off storage and into the rotation. Bought more than a year ago, I paid US$45 for these, shipped, as I have a limit of $50 for sneakers. The guy who offered it to me wanted more but could not get more since he did not have the original box. And since I am the only one who actually buys this model (Air Flight '89), he was forced to sell them to me. Today, out of curiosity, I checked the inside tags. Whoa!! NINES. Glad to have another. My previous samples are all in sneaker heaven now.

Being a cheapskate does have its benefits. You sometimes get good deals that turn out being real steals. Go ahead, be one now.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Did You Hear That?

Christmas dinner was so good, I can actually hear myself getting fat (fatter!). Props to Big Popot and Wowa! I am so full I am having trouble writing anything else. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We are here in the province now. Going to be spending Christmas over here. I know, I forgot to upload Little Popot's teaser videos. I have the video camera with me here, but the firewire cable did not make the trip. So, that means no vids just yet. That will have to wait until we are back in the concrete jungle. In the meantime, I will be gobbling Marquez Palabok by the "bilao" and then will be drowning in Minute Maid Pulpy Orange. No beer! My drinking mates are all down. LOL!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

CDP What???

While everyone was going crazy over the Air Jordan 11/12 CDP release I was in bed getting very little rest. I got in really late from our company Christmas party (which sucked, just like all the previous ones). After about three hours of sleep I had to get up for Little Popot's Christmas presentation.

We arrived at the school around one in the afternoon. The place was already packed. We had no choice but to sit in the back rows. That meant our point-and-shoot digital camera would be useless. It was up to the trusted vintage video camera to do her thing.

It was a good show. Of course, it was not perfect, far from it, but you cannot (and should not) expect much from bunch of preschoolers. The kids all looked so cute in their various outfits. The show lasted for more than two hours with each kid going on stage for three to four times to perform. Little Popot was part of the opening, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. She also went up to dance to Pearly Shells and to some hip-hop song that I really do not like. The final act was all the children going on stage to sing Give Love On Christmas Day.

Sorry, no pictures, for reasons already stated above. Teaser videos will be up soon. I just need to get some shut eye first. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hawaiian Punch 2

We finally found a grass skirt for Little Popot. I did, actually. Turned out there is a shop near my work that sells children's costumes. Got a pink one for Php340. Yup, am not good at haggling at all. Original price was Php380. I bet my mother could have gotten it for Php150! Anyway, it came with a set of leis and a top. Both Popots loved it. I can tell from Little's reaction when she saw it that the 20th will be a blast for her.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tiny Droplets Of Smiles

We had a food feeding for street children at work today. I did not expect that many kids to show up. I have seen four or five of these these kids every morning, I did not realize there are more of them there.

Several times I have been in real slum areas for some form of service, whether gift giving, talks about community business and cooperatives, feeding program, and even day care stuff. I have never really understood how parents (if you can call them that) bring children into this world and then turn their backs on them. You cannot put the blame on just one thing or one person. There are so many reasons that contribute to the state that they are in. But ultimately, it all falls on the parents. And it is so sad that most of them would not own up to the responsibility.

Chicken adobo!

Quail eggs.

Yummy! But, no rice??

Here you go, sir, steaming.

Students with some of the kids.

LOL! Mr. Baya having trouble with the kids.

Students doing the feeding.

Adobo FTW!

Lining up for some gifts.

I know one meal would not change the lives of these children. It is not even enough to ease their hunger for the day. Out there are people who have the means to do more. Hopefully, they also have the heart.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hawaiian Punch

We have been hunting for a "grass skirt" for Little Popot. She needs it for their Christmas presentation. No luck so far. I have turned all malls and shops around our place upside down and I have not found a single grass skirt or something resembling one. Looks like we will need to gather up some straw strings and whip out a home made version. Thoughts of lanterns, flower decorated fans, and fruit trays made of popsicle sticks are now hitting me. Where are my elementary school project skills when I need them?!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Didj you know?

We stayed home today. Tomorrow is when we plan to go out and do some more Christmas shopping. With nothing to do, I decided to bust out our new toy - Didj. Made by Leapfrog, the same people who gave us Leapster and Clickstart, This is the new generation learning-gaming handheld. Nothing out there is better. If you have a choice between this and the PSP for your young child, it is a no brainer- go with the Didj.

We got Little Popot Leapfrog's Clickstart last year. I wanted a handheld device for her this year, so we got her the Didj. It requires four AA batteries and has almost the same footprint as a PSP. On the Didj you can create profiles for up to four users- three with their own names and one as guest. Users can acquire points, called bits, when they progress through the games and the lessons. The bits can be used to buy customization options from Leapfrog's website. You can buy special moves and attacks, as well as gears and even game "moods". With the LeapfrogConnect application parents can also track their children's learning path. You can also customize the game/lessons to match your child's current lessons in school. It grows with your children. You do not get that with any other gaming devices out there.

The box.

The contents.

Our game. Spongebob FTW!



Didj is a throwback to the early video gaming years. You talk about retro being in? This is retro gaming at it's very best, with and educational twist. Even I who is biologically old enjoys playing with this little thing. In fact, I am keeping this little baby for myself for now. It is okay, Little Popot does not mind, as long as she gets her turn every now and then. I use it to make her drink her milk and to make her eat more rice. It works like a charm!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pahingi Po Ng Aguinaldo

Little Popot singing a traditional Filipino Christmas Carol.

Ninongs and Ninangs we accept Paypal and money orders. Bank transfers too.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


WTH??? Here is another Nike Air Flight '89 version that will never reach our retro-challenged shores. And it looks like it will be a no show in the US as well. Damn it!

Only available via LTD Online, this white/black 89s uses a variety of materials. It has unique leather heels with embossed-like imprint, and the black toebox and swoosh are made of premium suede.

Sneaker gods, I am on my knees.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have slowed down drastically on my diecast purchases. (Although I got five new ones today.) My thinking was I could save up for a new gadget or two. Only now have I realized that is not happening.

Many of the musicians I like have released new materials and I am looking at a really expensive holiday month again. As mentioned in an older post, I do not buy bootlegs, or what we know here as "pirated". I do not know, I am no audiophile by any means, but copied CDs just sounds different to me. Even the legit ones that have been pressed locally have an incomplete sound. Certain nuances have been taken out. Yes, "tunog lata". Even the quality of the actual CD material is sub par. They skip on Pioneer players, one of the most sensitive brand of players out there. A thing that only happens with boots. That is why I prefer getting imports. Besides, most imports include bonus tracks or videos.

Emm Gryner has Goddess on preorder now on her site. That, for sure, is not coming out locally. Dido's Safe Trip Home is already available, saw it in Astroplus. But, I am looking to get the two CD version that is a Europe and Australia release only. Even Guns N' Roses (or should I say Axl and the replacements) has a new album out, Chinese Democracy, a decade late. Wolfgang too, has a new one, called Villains. I missed the preorder on that one. Will have to see if local stores will carry this indie release of theirs. Finally, no signs yet of Chris Cornell's Scream which is already out in the US.

I have no dough to buy any of those mentioned above just yet. For now, I am having my first listen of the two CDs (Tanya Donelly's Beautysleep and Radiohead's In rainbows) that I bought online several months ago. Care to donate to my CD fund? I accept Paypal and bank deposits.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ms. Clavel

The launch of the first and only sneaker magazine in the Philippines was last night. The drinks were flowing, the ladies were rocking, and the kicks were burning.

It was a fun event. It was nice getting to talk with true sneakersheads. A lot of things have happened. They have families now and their priorities have changed. Similar to how my priorities have changed when I started my own family. But, the love for the hobby(?) is still there. That much can be deemed from the convos we had.

Thanks to Jojo for the invites and congratulations to Endo for a successful launch. See you on the Six Rings Crew Christmas Session. (If I am available.)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The White Shirt

We are off to the province in a few minutes. I am just waiting for Little Popot to finish dressing up. My parents are already there. They went straight to the province yesterday after securing stuff for Lola's wake. I have packed my only white polo shirt, the one that only gets worn during burials. I wore it for Uncle Jun, and for Lolo, and now I will be wearing it for Lola. I hate that shirt.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Do Not Think Outside The Bun

I hardly slept. Only had a couple hours of rest before I went to the airport to fetch my parents. It was raining when I got out of the house. The cab driver did not mind the slippery road and just went ahead zigzagging his way along Edsa. I got to the airport a quarter past six. The boards showed that their plane has already landed. I though we would be out of there in about thirty minutes. Instead it took almost two hours. (Only in the Philippines?)

My dad brought home the stuff that I bought off the Internet. Whenever I buy something online I have them shipped to my sister's place. This is how I can save on shipping cost. The drawback is that I only get my items whenever they go "balikbayan". That is once every year if I am lucky. Otherwise, it takes two, even three, years before I get my hands on my online purchases.

No sneakers this time. It has been ages since I actually bought a pair. I got a couple of DVDs, a couple of audio CDs (yes, I am the one crazy guy who still buys legit CDs), some toys, and a shirt. So, the DVDs i purchased last September are finally here. I cannot wait to watch them. I might be the only women's basketball fan this side of the planet. And I am no ordinary fan. I am a big fan. I like women's basketball- WNCAA, WNBA, and the international game - more than the NBA. Forget Lebron and Kobe. It is all about Diana Taurasi!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Velvety Smooth

I skipped work again. (I, too, am wondering why they have not fired my @ss yet). My folks are arriving tomorrow and I had to make some preparations. There was nothing else to keep my mind busy after I called some people and made arrangements for their transportation to the province. Little Popot was already in school. The TV had nothing that held my interest. I was not in the mood for music. I wanted to get out, and so I did. Went to the mall. Was not thinking of getting anything. I was only going to "look" and walk away the time.

Little Popot has been pestering me for a couch set to go with her Barbie - My House. There is a set that even Big Popot wanted, a purple velvet piece. Unfortunately, it has been sold out ages ago. We saw one on display in SM Makati a couple of weeks ago. But, that is the thing - it is a display, and not for sale. I told Little I am going to get her another couch set for Christmas. We have seen some regular ones in Toy Kingdom. I was surprised to see an unopened box of the velvet couch. No more rush shopping for Little's gift. It is ready. Only hard thing was sneaking it into the house.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I woke up quite early this morning. Some thing did not feel right. I am fat, I know. But it felt like I could not move properly. My body felt really heavy. Heavier than what I weigh. I attributed it to a just concluded bout with asthma (and partly to my natural laziness). I decided not to go to work.

Tried to go back to sleep. It would not work. My mind would not shut down. It was constantly tossing around incoherent thoughts. I know I was thinking about something but I could not figure out what that something was.

The cellphone buzzed. My favorite cousin was on the other end. She bore bad news.

Lola, say hello to heaven.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


What the difference between these two?

One lets you connect to the Internet.

The other is the biggest waste of Php2500.

I could have bought so many cool things, or eaten some really good food. Heck, I could have restocked on Tsingtao. Instead I bought a useless flash modem from Globe Telecoms. I am a fool. And YES, Globe Visibility sucks!

If not for my bad back I would be outside, standing by the staircase, the 'puter on one hand, pilfering Internet connections from my good neighbors.

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Neil Gaiman

"I said
she's gone
but I'm alive, I'm alive
I'm coming in the graveyard
to sing you to sleep now"

- Tori Amos, "Graveyard"

Just got the new Neil Gaiman book, The Graveyard Book. Picked it up from National Bookstore Robinson's Galleria for Php315. They only had one copy left. My take is that it has been out locally for quite some time now. Powerbooks Shangri-la Mall did not have any more copies, so is the NB there. Man, I am really out of the loop. I did not even know Neil came out with a new book.

I also just found out that Coraline is already a movie. I saw a "Movie Collector's Edition" of the book. Now, that is a film I am looking forward to seeing. If you loved MirrorMask, I am certain Coraline is going to be better. The director is the same guy who directed The Nightmare Before Christmas, Henry Selick.