Friday, December 26, 2008

The Nines

A few of weeks ago I broke out a new pair of 89s - dark cinder/cognac/fog. The last one to come off storage and into the rotation. Bought more than a year ago, I paid US$45 for these, shipped, as I have a limit of $50 for sneakers. The guy who offered it to me wanted more but could not get more since he did not have the original box. And since I am the only one who actually buys this model (Air Flight '89), he was forced to sell them to me. Today, out of curiosity, I checked the inside tags. Whoa!! NINES. Glad to have another. My previous samples are all in sneaker heaven now.

Being a cheapskate does have its benefits. You sometimes get good deals that turn out being real steals. Go ahead, be one now.

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