Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have slowed down drastically on my diecast purchases. (Although I got five new ones today.) My thinking was I could save up for a new gadget or two. Only now have I realized that is not happening.

Many of the musicians I like have released new materials and I am looking at a really expensive holiday month again. As mentioned in an older post, I do not buy bootlegs, or what we know here as "pirated". I do not know, I am no audiophile by any means, but copied CDs just sounds different to me. Even the legit ones that have been pressed locally have an incomplete sound. Certain nuances have been taken out. Yes, "tunog lata". Even the quality of the actual CD material is sub par. They skip on Pioneer players, one of the most sensitive brand of players out there. A thing that only happens with boots. That is why I prefer getting imports. Besides, most imports include bonus tracks or videos.

Emm Gryner has Goddess on preorder now on her site. That, for sure, is not coming out locally. Dido's Safe Trip Home is already available, saw it in Astroplus. But, I am looking to get the two CD version that is a Europe and Australia release only. Even Guns N' Roses (or should I say Axl and the replacements) has a new album out, Chinese Democracy, a decade late. Wolfgang too, has a new one, called Villains. I missed the preorder on that one. Will have to see if local stores will carry this indie release of theirs. Finally, no signs yet of Chris Cornell's Scream which is already out in the US.

I have no dough to buy any of those mentioned above just yet. For now, I am having my first listen of the two CDs (Tanya Donelly's Beautysleep and Radiohead's In rainbows) that I bought online several months ago. Care to donate to my CD fund? I accept Paypal and bank deposits.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with what you have written. I don´t like bootlegs either anymore. Maybe beacuse i am married to a musican and he is relly picky on what a good sounding cd should sound like. And i also prefer the real thing beacuse its the whole packing and stuff, like the booklet. You don´t get the same thing with a bootleg.

I can´t donate to your cd found even if i wanted to, beacuse i need to set up my own. ;-)