Thursday, December 4, 2008

Velvety Smooth

I skipped work again. (I, too, am wondering why they have not fired my @ss yet). My folks are arriving tomorrow and I had to make some preparations. There was nothing else to keep my mind busy after I called some people and made arrangements for their transportation to the province. Little Popot was already in school. The TV had nothing that held my interest. I was not in the mood for music. I wanted to get out, and so I did. Went to the mall. Was not thinking of getting anything. I was only going to "look" and walk away the time.

Little Popot has been pestering me for a couch set to go with her Barbie - My House. There is a set that even Big Popot wanted, a purple velvet piece. Unfortunately, it has been sold out ages ago. We saw one on display in SM Makati a couple of weeks ago. But, that is the thing - it is a display, and not for sale. I told Little I am going to get her another couch set for Christmas. We have seen some regular ones in Toy Kingdom. I was surprised to see an unopened box of the velvet couch. No more rush shopping for Little's gift. It is ready. Only hard thing was sneaking it into the house.

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