Saturday, December 20, 2008

CDP What???

While everyone was going crazy over the Air Jordan 11/12 CDP release I was in bed getting very little rest. I got in really late from our company Christmas party (which sucked, just like all the previous ones). After about three hours of sleep I had to get up for Little Popot's Christmas presentation.

We arrived at the school around one in the afternoon. The place was already packed. We had no choice but to sit in the back rows. That meant our point-and-shoot digital camera would be useless. It was up to the trusted vintage video camera to do her thing.

It was a good show. Of course, it was not perfect, far from it, but you cannot (and should not) expect much from bunch of preschoolers. The kids all looked so cute in their various outfits. The show lasted for more than two hours with each kid going on stage for three to four times to perform. Little Popot was part of the opening, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. She also went up to dance to Pearly Shells and to some hip-hop song that I really do not like. The final act was all the children going on stage to sing Give Love On Christmas Day.

Sorry, no pictures, for reasons already stated above. Teaser videos will be up soon. I just need to get some shut eye first. 

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