Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gifted Children

Something is not right with this current world, really. When I was younger, in the normal world, the one who was having the birthday gets all the stuff. He does not give out stuff! These days, you are providing food and entertainment for your "well-wishers". And as if that is not enough, you would have to give them loot bags too. What the hell is a loot bag?!? Who they hell came up with this crazy concept??! I am telling you. The world is not well. Earthlings have gone crazy. 

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cooking Master Boy

I made wantons last night. First time. I have been wanting to make those dumplings for ages, and I finally did last night. "Perfect for snacking! Would go well with instant yakisoba." The wifey liked them. Little P loved them fried. Fact, she likes even just the "warps". Crazy kid. 

Watch out for my sushi!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Bagman

I was thinking of selling one of my STM laptop bags so that I can pickup a Samsonite Sahora Business backpack. Chickened out. Figured that the Samsonite, and most other backpacks, do not have a "boss" look. The laborer look, it has. Hehe. I, conceited that I am, like to think that I am still my own boss, someone who starts and accomplishes tasks at his own pace, and skips work whenever he wants to. Besides, my old STM has served me really well. No, I have nothing against laptop backpacks (and those who own them), really. Good for your spine and all that. Fact, if anyone has an STM Convertible to give away, I am right here, with open arms, ready to love.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Throwing Infants Into The Nile

The wifey arrived from Egypt last Saturday night. I welcomed her with a still swollen face, the result of an allergic reaction to some over-the-counter pain reliever. Of course she got me something from the lands of Pyramids. And what is the "best" pasalubong for someone who has the Disease of Kings?? NUTS!! Everyone knows I cannot, for the life of me, resist nuts. I swear she just loves me to death.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gone Batty

I got 8 more pieces of size AA Eneloop batteries today. Officially, I am a "loopy". I think having more than 10 and not owning a DSLR automatically makes me one. We have 18 pieces now (not including the 4 AAAs), most of which are in Popot's "gadgets". What is not to like? Made by Sanyo, they come ready to be used right out of the pack, has more juice than other rechargeables I have tried, and retains 85% of their capacity even after being in storage for a year. Plus, the pearly "Mac" color goes well with my other stuff. (Yup Apple lovers, I still call them Macs.) That is why when we were getting our Flip UltraHD, I insisted to the wifey that we get a white one. Like what I was thinking then, the pack that came with the Flip is now the backup, the Eneloops are in-charge.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Apples, Couches, and Honeybees

I have been real busy at work, munching on apples, and feeding on high-fiber crackers. I have already missed two out of the seven work days so far. That is okay, nobody is losing anything by me being away. At least not yet.

My left foot is slowly healing, the right is back to normal. I think I need "more" rest. It would have been great if they delayed work for another week. I am sure that by then I would be in full work mode and would "rarely" feel the need to be absent.

Yup, lazy as a sofa, that is me! *s