Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gone Batty

I got 8 more pieces of size AA Eneloop batteries today. Officially, I am a "loopy". I think having more than 10 and not owning a DSLR automatically makes me one. We have 18 pieces now (not including the 4 AAAs), most of which are in Popot's "gadgets". What is not to like? Made by Sanyo, they come ready to be used right out of the pack, has more juice than other rechargeables I have tried, and retains 85% of their capacity even after being in storage for a year. Plus, the pearly "Mac" color goes well with my other stuff. (Yup Apple lovers, I still call them Macs.) That is why when we were getting our Flip UltraHD, I insisted to the wifey that we get a white one. Like what I was thinking then, the pack that came with the Flip is now the backup, the Eneloops are in-charge.

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