Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Bagman

I was thinking of selling one of my STM laptop bags so that I can pickup a Samsonite Sahora Business backpack. Chickened out. Figured that the Samsonite, and most other backpacks, do not have a "boss" look. The laborer look, it has. Hehe. I, conceited that I am, like to think that I am still my own boss, someone who starts and accomplishes tasks at his own pace, and skips work whenever he wants to. Besides, my old STM has served me really well. No, I have nothing against laptop backpacks (and those who own them), really. Good for your spine and all that. Fact, if anyone has an STM Convertible to give away, I am right here, with open arms, ready to love.

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iandexter said...

Ouch. I have a trusty old Samsonite Rafter backpack -- been with me for two years now. Serving me well still.