Saturday, May 23, 2009

Looking California, Feeling Minnesota

On the sofa now. The fan is turned off. I can feel sweat dripping down through the folds of my belly. A good sign. Toxins are going out of my system. This long and difficult bout with Asthma (and dehydration) is taking a toll. I am getting some sleep, but I need more. Random, vague stuff seems to be cluttering my mind. Clearing it is a problem. I am still coughing. Might take a few more days before I get rid of it. I need something. I have no idea what.

Authentic Lechon Macau, maybe??

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Second Day

I had a post circling my mind the other day. Totally forgotten now, courtesy of my asthma attack. I think it was something about Pearl Jam's "Avocado" album and how it was a throwback to the Ten days. Anyway, I am on the second day of the attack, still on a Ventolin diet. Having difficulties breathing, I hardly slept the last two nights. I woke up early this morning and both my eyes are puffy. I cannot tell if from the meds or from the lack of sleep. 

Have to go now, my weak lungs are calling.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Call Me Johnny Mac.

Blogging has been put on hold. People are busy with tennis. Wii Tennis. This is the best thing to come out since Pong! We got a bunch of games with our new Nintendo Wii system. (Yup, a few years late.) But, Wii Sports is on the top of the heap. I do not see me buying another game in the near future. Though the wifey seems interested in Wii Fit.

Yes, I curse too.