Monday, July 13, 2009

Throwing Infants Into The Nile

The wifey arrived from Egypt last Saturday night. I welcomed her with a still swollen face, the result of an allergic reaction to some over-the-counter pain reliever. Of course she got me something from the lands of Pyramids. And what is the "best" pasalubong for someone who has the Disease of Kings?? NUTS!! Everyone knows I cannot, for the life of me, resist nuts. I swear she just loves me to death.


AV KENRO said...

tol, the pyramid besides the nuts is cool, I like that....I don't know you have an allergy on peanuts, nga pla, Why your face is swollen, what did you eat, is this a cause-effect from drugs?...Take Care Tol! we need to be healthy! ok

Ginkgo said...

Hey, it's Ginkgo from Yahoo 360. I didn't know you are allergic to nuts til now.

Hope you've recovered by the time I sent you this message.

How's your little girl? :)

killyrbf said...

Nope. I am not allergic to nuts. They just aggravate "gout". I am, however, allergic to Ibuprofen, which is in the drug that I took to ease the pain caused by gout.

Ginkgo, nice to hear from you. :)