Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tiny Droplets Of Smiles

We had a food feeding for street children at work today. I did not expect that many kids to show up. I have seen four or five of these these kids every morning, I did not realize there are more of them there.

Several times I have been in real slum areas for some form of service, whether gift giving, talks about community business and cooperatives, feeding program, and even day care stuff. I have never really understood how parents (if you can call them that) bring children into this world and then turn their backs on them. You cannot put the blame on just one thing or one person. There are so many reasons that contribute to the state that they are in. But ultimately, it all falls on the parents. And it is so sad that most of them would not own up to the responsibility.

Chicken adobo!

Quail eggs.

Yummy! But, no rice??

Here you go, sir, steaming.

Students with some of the kids.

LOL! Mr. Baya having trouble with the kids.

Students doing the feeding.

Adobo FTW!

Lining up for some gifts.

I know one meal would not change the lives of these children. It is not even enough to ease their hunger for the day. Out there are people who have the means to do more. Hopefully, they also have the heart.

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