Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time And Motion Sickness

The clock ticks. In truth it hardly produces a sound, but I can hear it, no end. Every beat is a signal, a hint, of some change I would rather not have. If this is midlife crisis then I am dying several years before I am 80.

Converted a few old songs to MP3, so that I can constantly listen to them. My portable CD player conked out while in hibernation. It seemed like it was a good idea too to unearth old emails from long gone friends, made me feel a little younger.It made me feel "before". I still have the toys, but it feels like I need something a little less cuter this time, something with more kick. They say people drink to forget. I drink to remember. And, I have been wanting to remember more frequently these days.

Most people want changes in their lives. I am the opposite. I would rather have the familiar. I am loyal that way, crazy too, I know. Something has definitely changed. I have been trying so hard to get it back. I am failing, hard, painfully hard. Maybe it is time to let go. Some things you just cannot get back.

Drink up! We are traveling to the future. One microsecond at a time. Yesterdays, they do not have anything for me. Word to GN'R.

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