Sunday, November 30, 2008

Off Yahoo 360

I have moved. Finally. I waited, patiently I must say, for the Yahoo 360 people to get their act together. But they just could not get it done. So, here I am, starting fresh. Prior to the move, I have saved all my old 360 blog posts in anticipation of it shutting down. It has not shut down, yet. With bloggers jumping ship by the minute, I am sure they will soon. What used to be the king of the non-business side of the blogsphere has fallen. I do not think it will ever get up.

With 360 I stayed off social commentaries and centered around my life as a dad to Little Popot, a husband to Big Popot, a toy collector, a beer drinker (an alcoholic?), and a voracious eater. Here, am thinking of going all out and posting anything that my mind hitches on to. So, be ready. This is going to be a really bumpy ride.

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Anonymous said...

Its so cool that you have a blog you know that.