Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009

We welcomed 2009 with a single kick-ass "tororot" (Yes, Little P calls it that). No firecrackers. No fireworks. I figured our neighbors can provide that kind of noise, and they did.

The food was great. Big Popot and ate did a fantastic job. My favorites would be the baked dory and the little bacon-wrapped chicken thingies. Ah yes, the Japanese Kani salad was awesome too.

Lonely? Or hungry?

The spread.

Yup, hungry!

We planned to view the fireworks from the top floor. So, when all the popping started we went up, only to be greeted by a non-visible Makati skyline because of all the smoke (smog). It was raining too. So, when we went down to check if people were lighting firecrackers there were none. Oh well, hearing them was good enough.

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