Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh My God, They Killed The Swapmeet!!

I went to the DCPH Swapmeet. Quite noticeable was the low turn out. Normally the place would be packed hours before the actual start of the event. The online marketplace might have something to do with this. Why attend the swapmeet if you can buy items regularly via I do not know if the execom sees this the way I do. Or maybe, people had no money just yet, coming off the Christmas season and all that. Anyway, they better start looking at it before the swapmeet becomes a thing of the past.

Top Kombi collector Mr. Boy Mariano.

Children should be the ones buying toys, right?

Managed to dispose some old pieces. Still, too many cheapskates out there. Haggling for an item that goes for $10 on eBay being sold for 100php?! (And there were some that did not register to avoid paying the 150 entrance fee.) My profit went to the single piece I was able to bring home- the Club Car Drag Bus. This is my very first Drag Bus. You might wonder why, seeing that I am a VW Bus collector. Only one reason, I think the DB is a bastardization of the Kombi! I only bought this because part of the proceeds is going to charity, plus it is the club car for 2008.

Philippine flag on fire.

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