Friday, January 9, 2009

Hell Ride

The darn bus was literally flying, jumping off fly overs and swerving from side to side to avoid "slow" private vehicles. I was praying in my mind. The lady beside me was talking about how we will all be dead if our bus hit another. I can see the veins popping out of her arms, both her hands tightly gripping the handle bar in front of us. The guy to my left was cursing, whisphering something about a corrupt transport agency. He was trying hard to show he was not afraid. But the sudden turning pale of his face betrayed him. People say that their whole lives flash before them when they think they are going to die. All I was having were visions of splattered brains and innards, people milling around and checking if there are any valuables left for picking. 

The sun was barely shining when I got off at my stop. My ride lasted for 23 minutes. Something that, on the average, other buses take an hour to cover. Certain parts of my body are still aching, subjected to tossing and shaking they had not felt before. First time in a long while that I was early for work. Way too early. Darn bus!

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