Sunday, January 4, 2009

Give Me The Ball

Going back to work in a few hours. My body, and maybe my mind too, is protesting. After a "long" vacation, I feel like I need more. I know I should be exercising as I can now feel the "extra" weight. I am fat but I have never felt heavy, until now.

Times like this when I start to miss playing ball. It is almost four years now since I did. No, I am not athletic, far from it. Very, very far. I could not jump or run (still cannot) to save the life of me. But I was quite good at shooting the ball, especially from the outside. I have people who can testify! LOL! One day, in the future, I will put on a pair of my sneakers and use them for what they were meant for. I swear, in the future.

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