Friday, January 23, 2009

Rak 'En Rol

I was there quite early, around 9:30. The place looked okay, quite intimate (another way of saying it was small). It reminded me of Mayric's, only smaller. I looked around for a minute. They had Fist Of Fury on the projector and Bruce Lee was kicking people's asses. Saw a few girls and I wondered to myself if Wolfgang was playing. All the tables were taken. I decided I would just stand by the bar, close to the beer, and a couple of steps from the door. The place was tiny enough to give a "live show" feel even from there. 

The crowd was amazed by Bruce Lee's amazing Kung-Fu.

Two more beers and half an hour later the band took to the stage. The music was good, a lot better than majority of the generic crap out there. It is surprising that this band is not getting more attention. The crowd was okay, I just could never get used to the audience singing along with the band as I like going to gigs because I like to hear the singer's voice live, raw, and pure. There was a pair that was constantly pecking at each other like it was a Valentine's concert that they were in (it is a darn rock gig, show your tatas or something!), and several drunk kids shouting requests in the middle of songs. They cannot handle alcohol, kids today, that is a fact. After getting their free Red Horse they would come back to the bar and ask if they can have another kind of beer. SMH. One downed a bottle and started screaming "more, more", this after the band finished their first song. Ah well, I have not been out for ages and I am just too old, I guess.

He is just checking the mic out.

And he approves, it is a high quality mic.

I left after the first set. Would have stayed to finish the whole thing but I knew Little Popot would be waiting. Overall, a satisfying night. The EP is on my heavy rotation. Go, grab one if you have a chance.


Anonymous said...

I´ve never hured this band but if its as good as Wolfgang (rember you sent me some songs with them) i would relly wanna hear it.

Are they on a lable, and in that case what lable? And are wolfgang on a lable?

P.s. You can replie on my blog!
Take care

killyrbf said...

They were once under Sony, but now, I believe, have gone indie.

You can check them out at