Saturday, February 5, 2011

When Your Steps Get Numbered

Finding it quite hard to finish rolls inside the Photoblaster and the Vivitar UWS. Somehow the spontaneity of shooting goes out of the window when I am using film cameras. I keep on weighing whether it is okay to "waste" shots on garbage cans and street signs or just take photos of Little P. while she turns the house into a "pretty" mess. I did manage to finish a roll of Sensia 100 with the Viv last December. That one remains unprocessed though, waiting for the other two before being sent to the lab.

I am afraid that I will not find an analog groove any time soon. It is no fun when you are over-thinking before firing. My love for my VQs (1015 Entry and 1005) remains unmatched.

Singapore. December 2010. VQ1015 Entry.

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