Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lomokev Misses A Shot

Kevin Meredith's new book, "Toy Cameras: Creative Photos", came in the mail a few days ago. I also have his first one, a personal favorite, "Hot Shots". The second, "Photo Op", the only one that was locally available I did check out but did not pick up. And unlike the previous ones, this new book features a lot more contributors' shots rather than just Kevin's. 40 "toy" cameras are featured, their quirks and "effects" discussed quite briefly and sample images shown. While I am quite satisfied with the coverage, I feel the best digital toy cameras had been left out. The VQ and the FD did not make the cut.

The Vistaquest Keychain Camera variants VQ1005 and VQ1015 Entry are tagged as the digial LC-A, producing images with almost the same feel as those produced by that not so "toy priced" Lomography camera, vignetted and with saturated colors.

The Fun Digital Camera FDC01, also known as SQ28m in Japan, is another little keychain camera that has a big following among artistic photographers. It captures square images and can produce b/w, vivid, and cross-procossed shots.

The LEGO Digital Camera made it into the book. Which is a surprise because it is not really that popular among toy camera enthusiasts and it is quite new compared to the VQ. Little P thinks it is a blast having her camera in there, I am okay with it too.

A side note, ndroo aka Fuzzyeyeballs, a Singaporean who loves toy camera photography and whose blog I follow has a couple of pictures in the book.

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