Monday, February 21, 2011

I Will Blog For Bricks

It is now official, Guinness World Records recently confirmed that DK Publishing - The LEGO Group have broken the world records for the largest image made with interlocking bricks. The mosaic, which is that of a Star Wars poster to celebrate the LEGO Brickmaster book, required 384,000 Lego bricks and 1500 baseplates, took 3 days to complete (23-25 October, 2010) and measured 97.5 square meters.

That is a lot of money to burn. Good thing this was backed by TLG. Me? I am, for the last couple of months, thinking (dreaming) of ways to raise money for my own mosaic project. I made some calculations, and based on S@H prices I need around 10,000 pesos to create a simple mosaic on a 48x48 baseplate.

While you're contemplating on how much to donate to my mosaic fund, head over to DK Canada for videos and more pictures. Maybe those will inspire you to shell out some dough. I promise, I will not employ children to work on my mosaics.

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