Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Can See The Future

So you have bought all the LEGO sets you ever wanted. Your room has LEGO boxes up to the ceiling. Display cabinets are filled with built sets and MOCs. But how will you ever know when that new set you have read about on Brickset is finally going to be released? YES! You need a calendar!! And it is not too early to grab a 2012 calendar for marking down those dates for sets that have no release dates yet. LOL!!

High-res versions of the cover image of the 2012 LEGO Calendar that is available for preorder from, and some pages off the Workman 2012 Calendars catalog can be viewed by clicking the small images below.

" Named Toy of the Century by Fortune magazine and now the subject of a bestselling book series, LEGO toys are one of the most popular ever, beloved by boys, girls, and grown-ups too! Exhibiting a dozen astonishingly lifelike constructions by top LEGO designers, LEGO: The Calendar is a fun and obsessive tribute to the little plastic blocks that have fueled kids' imaginations for generations. Each of these creations is a masterpiece of imagination and engineering. A space shuttle on the launch pad (10...9...8...). A perfect replica of the White House. An entire city block, finely detailed down to every lamppost and distinctive building facade. Accompanying the photographs is lively text with historical lore, building tips, and LEGO artist profiles. "

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