Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Fell On Black Days

I have been staring out the window for more than half an hour. The CD might have already stopped a good 10 minutes before I noticed it. It started out with Chris' unmistaken growl swirling around the room, pulling, tugging, shoving me back into the 90s. Then I got to thinking. Which, as everybody knows, is a very dangerous thing. And Mr. Cornell's unsinkable voice gets lost in the background.

He has announced a solo acoustic tour. This after the band supposedly reunited a few months back. Some sort of a greatest hits album +1 previously unreleased old song was released (the one that was playing), and a live album off the 1996 tour is coming soon. I should not be complaining. They are back together. As a fan, and a big fan at that, I should be happy. Yet I am not. I am wondering about the point of reuniting. Where are the new songs, the new album? Where is the tour in support of the new album?

I am playing the CD again because it is the only thing I can hold on to now of a new Soundgarden. Yes, I am buying the soon to be released live album because I might (will?) never get to see them live.

Out the window I can see an old cow being milked. Instead of black spots it has dollar symbols, big, glowing and green. I am day dreaming now. This is nothing but a dream, yes, just like a truly reunited Soundgarden.

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