Friday, February 13, 2009

Throwback Friday

" Hold on now, baby.
This could be the last time we stand.
This could be the last time that we say good-bye.
The picture shatters.
I cant find the words to save it.
Tell me what to do, how can I make it right?
We will always be fire and ice. "

- Poison, "Until You Suffer Some"

Woke up real early. I glanced at the luminous hands of my watch, it was barely past 3am. I stared at the ceiling, I sensed Little Popot's green stars staring back at me. Then, without warning, words filled up my head. Words to Poison's Until You Suffer Some. I tried recalling the whole thing, it did not work. I found out that I have forgotten "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" too. That made me a little sad.

After repeating the chorus of Fire and Ice a few times, I went down and had a cup of coffee. My first cup in more than 16 years. Just like before, it had no effect on me. I still wanted to go back to sleep.

I was still nodding to Poison when I came out of the shower. While dressing for work , I tried, really hard, to remember where my Doc Martens are. When I looked down I saw a classic 8-eyelet boot on my foot instead of the loafer I really had on. A smile might have started to break just then. But, I was too busy gathering stuff for work to notice.

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