Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bank Robbed

More than two weeks ago, I tried to buy an item online using my Unionbank Visa EON Card. The payment attempt was unsuccessful. Upon checking my account, I found out that Unionbank charged my account for the failed payment. WTH?!? Right then, I called their customer service and I was told to email a dispute letter along with related documents, and so I did. I did not get any replies within three days, and so, I called again. I was told the same thing, send an email. I did again, plus I also sent a fax. No acknowledgment whatsoever from Unionbank.

So, here I am now, just got off the phone again, was talking to their darn customer service. I was told they did not get any emails nor faxes from me, when in fact I have been sending emails every three days, and in total I have sent five faxes with the last one being just this morning.

People do not even have to leave their homes to get robbed these days. SMH.

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iandexter said...

Last recourse: registered snail mail. That way, you get a receipt as proof of delivery.

Email delivery receipts should also work.