Monday, August 31, 2009

Gigantic, big big love.

This blog has been thoroughly neglected. I was never busy all those days, only lazy. Fact, lazier than ever. I have never been known to be NOT lazy. People would be surprised if they find out that I actually have a job.

Well, let us get it on with a bunch of blog entries.

28 August

Just got back from Makansutra. The food was okay and really filling. I loved the Char Kway Teow, the Pad Thai was good too, as well as the dimsum (though I missed out on the Hakaw). Little Popot had her noodles with soup (I forgot the name), and enjoyed 2 servings of the Fish and Chips. I had no problem loading up on the Bandung with Chichaw and the Michael Jackson, which is a soya based drink (I think). Big thanks to Gene of Makansutra, who greeted us right at the door and was a really gracious, not to mention generous, host all through out. We brought home a few nice prizes from the raffle for Philmug members. 

(Sorry, no pictures of the food. I was too busy gobbling them up.)

If you want to try out some good Singaporean/Malay dishes, Makansutra Asian Food Village is at the 2nd floor of the Manila Ocean Park Complex.

23 August

Finally went to see Disney Pixar's UP today. 3D is the way to go for this kind of stuff. Fantastic movie. Heart warming, funny, had enough action. Popot was on the edge of her seat, literally, the whole time.

19 August

Man, kids just do not forget a thing. When we watched Transformers 2, Popot saw the preview of Disney Pixar's UP and I made the wrong move of telling her we would go see it when it comes up for showing. She has been reminding (as in pestering) me about it since.

05 August

13th Craziest Toys Sale 
Thu 23 July to Sun 10 Aug 

With Special Buys at up to 70% off, the annual Crazy Toys Sale is back this year with an even bigger selection of merchandise for all bargain hunters. 

Come and check out the huge collection of toys, stationery, school-bags, apparels and footwear at crazy prices. Prices starts as low as $1, you will be crazy to miss out this crazy event. at
Takashimaya Basement.

I am sad to be missing this event, again. One thing I always look forward to when I visit Singapore. I am telling you, you have never been to Singapore if you have never been to this sale.

31 July

Little P's school bash. McNuggets, Twister Fries, and OJ.

The little rascal looked like an angel in her black and pink dress. She could pass for a princess. All grown up now, my baby.

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