Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chasing Horizons

Arrived quite early. Few cyclists, just milling lazily around the start area then. Ride with the Tour De France champion's yet to start. My wave will be flagged off in a couple of hours. Worked on Panda, she's been squeaking like crazy. Couldn't narrow down where the noise's coming from. Hell. Thought of just trying to tune it out. That and her being stuck on a single gear? Things weren't looking bright. Joined the guys from my bike group. All foldies got bunched into one wave. A cut-off time's put up. I needed to do some pushing, hard pushing. I'm more of a "relax and enjoy the scenery" rider. Starting line, right in front. Perfect for photo ops.

7am. Gun fires. People started busting out hard. "Is this a race?" Morbidly obese and asthmatic, I started out slow. Bikes zipped by left and right. I didn't get going until my breathing found a steady rhythm, until I wasn't gasping for air anymore. The ride was good, fun. Even with the heat. Even with the flyovers. Even with the chain slips. 

BGC Cycling Philippines, see you next year.

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