Friday, January 28, 2011

Let Us Kill More Trees

While there are plenty of online resources for LEGO building ideas and inspirations it is always good to have some around that you can readily pick up when there is a lull in "normal" life.

The last official LEGO idea books came out more than a decade ago. If you have deep pockets you can pick up some of those off evilBay. Even nicer, and maybe even harder to come by at a good price and mint condition, are those from DK Publishing, which produces some really nice LEGO related books including the fantastic "The Lego Book". Going for steep prices even for beat up condition, Build Fabulous Figures and Build Amazing Animals should be in your hunt list. Kids, as well as AFOLs I think, would love these two.

Available for preorder now on most online bookstores is another idea book from DK. "The LEGO Ideas Book" is for official release on August 15, 2011.

(Image of product is not final.)

"LEGO® inspiration: tips and techniques from expert LEGO builders covering transport, buildings, space, kingdoms, adventure and useful makes. Perfect for LEGO fans who want to make their models cool, fun and imaginative."

My day is coming up. Greetings are okay but The Lego Book would be better. LOL!

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