Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who Needs An LC-A?

I got my second film camera today, a Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim. My first one I got as a gift when I was in high school more than two decades ago. Somewhere among all the junk we have in the province that camera is waiting.

The UWS is known as the "poor man's LC-A" (that really expensive plastic camera from Lomography). Like the LC-A the UWS can also produce fantastic color saturation and vignetting. I love those effects on my photos. My VQs can do the same. Sometimes though I wish for a viewfinder, hence, the UWS.

What concerns me now is the "total" cost of owning a film camera. I have checked the net, and the good films go for around 5-7 US dollars. Then we have the cost of film processing and film-to-cd service.

So the UWS remains untouched, waiting for her turn.

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