Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Eyes

Like always, this blog has been put on the side for quite some time. Various things occupying my time and my mind. I have had tossed around some blog entries but I ended up not wanting to share them. I am quite selfish that way.

Still into digital lofi photography. I got my third model late March, the FDC01 (SQ28M in Japan). Even Little Popot is getting in on it.

I am finding it harder and harder to be into things that Popot likes. I no longer can sway her taste towards things that "we" like. While we still have Pikachu and Mickey, Barbie and Ariel has taken up most of her time (and our time). So, it is a wonderful occassion when she gets interested in the things that I am into.

We went out for this afternoon, only the VQ and the FD with us.

Little P's shots:

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